Sunday, April 26, 2009

Questions! Questions!

Please listen to our questions!

We hope your training is going well for you!


Colin said...

Hi Room 3

Those were great questions. I will answer them below and also put on the blog so you have a history.

1. Why do you chose to run that far?

I enjoy the challenge and its great exercise. I have met some good friends and its a great way to see some countryside.

2, Do you chose the numbers on your shirt?

No the numbers are allocated by the event organiser - my number is 670.

3. Do you like running?

I certainly do, and I find the more I do it the more I like it.

4. What type of sneakers do you use?

I run in Brooks Adrenaline running shoes - have a look at the Brooks web site and you can find out about them

5. How many times have you run the marathon?

I have run Auckland marathon once in 2007 and Rotorua marathon once in 2008. This will be my third one. Some of the people that I run with have done over a 100 and one has done more than 150 - but he is over 70 and started when he was very young.

6. What do you do when you get tired?

I slow down a bit, have a drink and take some energy gel to give me energy to start running again.

7. When did you start training?

I started training for the Rotorua marathon at the end of January - so it was a long time ago.

8. How many hours do you do in a day?

When I am training for a race I run 5 times a week. Each run is at least an hour but at the weekends and mid week we do longer runs. Up to 3 hours on a Sunday and 2 hours on Wednesday. I average about 7 - 8 hours a week training.

9. How long have you been practicing?

My training programme for each marathon is 14 weeks. I do 2 marathons a year so I train for about 28 weeks a year. In between all that training I run about 3 times a week.

10. Where have you been racing? How many races have you done?

Most of my races are around Auckland. I have run the Auckland marathon and half marathon about 8 times, the Huntly 1/2 marathon 3 times, Whenuapai 1/2 marathon 3 times and the Cathay Pacific 1/2 (in Auckland) marathon about 8 times.

I hope that you will be able to see me run on Saturday.

All the best


Craig Pomare said...

Hi Room 3 from Craig in Wellington. I'm thrilled that you've decided to adopt me for the marathon this weekend. I hope I also have a chance to meet with you some time! You've asked lots of great questions, and I’ve tried providing some good answers for you.

I've been thinking about running a marathon for a few years now and finally decided to do it this year. Rotorua's marathon is the biggest and best in NZ, so it seemed the best place to come. I did think about running a half marathon (21km) but the full marathon (42km) seemed to be a bigger challenge!

Sadly no. When you register to run the marathon, the organisers give you a number.

Yes I do. I’ve been running for enjoyment and fitness for over 20 years now.

I use a shoe made by a company called Asics. The model I use is called “Kayano”. They are very comfortable and make it a whole lot easier to get around the course.

This is my very first marathon and I’m very excited that it’s almost here

You just keep going. If you stop too soon it’s a long way to walk back to the start line.

I started training seriously about 12 months ago. I run every day at work (Monday to Friday) and on Saturday.

From Monday to Friday I run about an hour each day. On Saturday I run about 2.5 – 3 hours.

As I said earlier, I’ve been running for enjoyment and fitness for about 20 years. When I decided to run this marathon I started getting really serious about a year ago.

The marathon this year will be my first race. That said I won’t be racing very hard! I’m just looking forward to finishing.

The marathon this year will be my first race.

teammr3 said...

David Haxton - race competitor 00317 - responds

1. I choose to run the marathon because it's a very big challenge and I want my race time to be under four hours.

2. Race competitors don't get to choose their race numbers they get handed out by the organisers.

3. I like running because it makes me fit, healthy and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

4. My running shoes are Asiacs and Adidas brands.

5. This will be my fourth attempt at the Rotorua marathon.

6. When I get tired I tell myself to try and keep going.

7. For this marathon I started training before Christmas.

8. I like to do short runs every second night during the working week and then a long run sometime in the weekend. A short run is normally about an hour and a bit and the long run maybe about two hours. Some of my weekend training runs have been longer because I know Rotorua marathon is very long and tough.

9. I started running in about the year 2000. At first I could hardly run to the end of the road without puffing. But as I trained more and more I found I could run longer without getting exhausted. Now I can run long distances and enjoy it.

10. Generally I like to do half marathons which are 21km long.

Hope to see you at the finish :-)

Luv2Run said...

Hi to the best class and the best school in the world.

Certainly very good running questions, Congrats.

1. I run for enjoyment, relaxation, fitness and comrarderie with like minded people

2. race nos. are issued by the race organisers, sometimes in order of receiving an entry, sometimes in order of times previously run. eg in Boston, USA, faster runners get allocated lower numbers.

3. Yes!! Just love to run. Enjoy getting up in the morning and belting out the door. Every day and run is different.

4. I train with Asics(Kayano) and New Balance. I race in Brooks.

5. I have completed 104 marathons

6. I use sports drinks and gels to help sustain energy reserves. The ideal time to get tired is one metre after the finish line. If it happens before, and it often will, you normally just have to run a bit slower.

7. In recent years I have averaged 7-8 marathons per year, including 17 in 2008. To run that number I am virtually 'in traning' every week, but have low km weeks both before and after a marathon.

8. This year I am averaging about 1 hour per day, equates to about 13km. However my longer training runs are up to 32 km (~2hr 45min.)

9. I ran my first marathon in 1985, so I guess I have been practising ever since.I keep log books detailing every run I do, have now logged over 73,000km, 'a lot of practice'

10. I have run most of my marathons in Australia but also in New Zealand, USA, Great Britain

11. I do not race every marathon. At best 2-3 events during a year are set aside for 'racing mode'. I try to complete most at a 'comfortable but reasonable pace'. Apart from the 104 marathons I have raced in numerous half marathons and 10km events

Happy to provide additional information or answer more questions. Best of Luck with your upcoming cross country event.

Cheers, Lester Smith (South Australia)

Luv2Run said...

Hi Room 3,

Just giving you an update on how my race went last Saturday.

I enjoyed the course, quite liked the conditions, cool is good for running long distances.

My time was 3hours 21 minutes 26 seconds. Delighted with that time. A good even paced run with all 5km splits around the 23 min. 50 second time.

I do not have any sore muscles or joints in my legs, this is not always the case! It means I should be able to resume 'normal' training after about one week of 'easy paced' runs.

This run has given me a lot of confidence to try to run at a faster pace for one of my next marathons in the coming months.

Happy to respond to any questions or to let you know about the events I plan to run this year.

Catch, Lester Smith (Lobethal, South Australia)

Luv2Run said...

Hi Room 3,

Next update about my marathon journey for 2009. On 31st May raced at Williamstown, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. My training had gone very well since Rotorua and I managed to finish in 3hours 11min. 49 secs., about a 10 minute improvement. Delighted with the result. I am still hopeful of running a few minutes quicker in 2009 but this will take a bit more training, specifically some faster speedwork sessions. I do have some other marathons soon, but I will not be trying to run them too fast. I will send an update on those events.
.. and how did your cross country event go?
Cheers, Lester Smith, South Australia

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